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Breakfast Rides

Minimum Age for Trail Riders is 6 years



ADULTS  - $ 110.00

KIDS [6-12] - $ 100.00

10% Group Rate Discounts for 10+

For Your Safety, Weight Limit is 250#

**12 hour advanced notice is required

8:00 AM - Meet to Saddle Up, Get Acquainted with your horse and take a 1 hour ride. Eat Breakfast at the Breakfast Site and head back to the ranch.

Visit Us on Your Way to Mesa Verde!

Breakfast Rates

Breakfast Ride Details

breakfast meal.JPG

Bacon crackling in the pan, hot-off-the-griddle golden flapjacks swimming in Lynne’s homemade syrup, and fresh ranch eggs are all cooked over an open fire. Orange juice and real cowboy coffee top it off. Wake up with a Rimrock Outfitters breakfast ride and treat yourself to the best breakfast experience you ever had in the high mountains of Colorado!

Meet at the corral at 8 a.m. to get acquainted with our horses, and saddle up for an hour ride through Colorado’s alpine forests and meadows, viewing the La Plata Mountain peaks and Rocky Mountain wildlife along the way.

When we arrive at the breakfast cookout, the coffee is brewing and the cook has the bacon sizzling in the pan. In fact, we usually get a whiff of the bacon cooking on the trail before we arrive. That 22″ skillet and those griddles sure hold a lot of our fresh ranch eggs and golden fluffy pancakes! If ya’ go hungry on a Rimrock Outfitters’ breakfast ride, it’s your own fault! Lynne has perfected her own secret trail ride pancake recipe and she makes her own special syrup. By the way, it doesn’t take much water to make Perry’s cowboy coffee.

Be sure to make your reservations for the breakfast ride at least 12 hours in advance. We serve fresh ranch eggs! After everyone has had their fill, we mount up and ride around Weber Lake back to the ranch. 

B- Details

Trail Riding Packages

Trail Replacement.jpg

Our All-Day Ride is our most diversified ride. After riding through forests and meadows, we’ll climb up to the top of the Rimrocks on the mesa to an elevation of about 9300′. The view from there includes all the states in the Four Corners area: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. It’s a spectacular place to eat a picnic lunch, which is included. Then we’ll wander down to Coyote Park with an awe-inspiring view of Mt. Hesperus before returning to the ranch.

The Longer the Ride, the More

Colorado Rocky Mountain Scenery

you get to see!

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