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Carriage Rides

Carriage holds 6-8 average sized adults.

Romantic Carriage Rides, perfect for a wedding!

How romantic for the bride to arrive at her outdoor wedding in a horse-drawn carriage! Our carriage is available for your wedding. Please contact us for specific details and to make arrangements.



$ 300.00 PLUS

$2.00 per mile round trip


Wagon Rides

Our Wagon will hold 14 average sized adults


 [minimum of 4 ppl]

$ 150.00 per hour

* Take the Wagon on a Breakfast Ride or Dinner Ride if you dont want to ride a horse. Minimum of 4 ppl

Your group can take a horse-drawn wagon ride! Don’t miss this classic western adventure, your group can experience this authentic western memory maker for $150/hour. The wagon will hold 14 average sized adults. The minimum is 4 people ages 6 or older who do not ride a horse. Enjoy a Wagon Ride with Rimrock Outfitters!

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Visit Us on Your Way to Mesa Verde!